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What Makes FHMC Different

Over the last 26 years our patients have said that they have never been treated in any other hospital the way they were treated at Forest Health Medical Center. We are often asked what makes us so different. The answer is really hundreds of little things, but all of those little things were learned from the thousands of patients we have served and listened to for over 26 years.

Our patients tell us that their time is important so they want to been seen and cared for on schedule. They want their doctor to take the time to listen to their problem, and answer all of their questions. We understand the frustration of answering the same questions over and over for multiple staff then finally seeing a doctor who appears to not have the time to answer their questions.

At Forest Health Medical Center everyone is dedicated to serving you. Our mission is serving you, caring for you as an individual, and providing the best care possible. Our patients tell us that they define being the best as; best outcome from surgery, best service from skilled caring nurses, low cost and an efficient organization.

We have learned from our patients that being the biggest does not mean the best. Because our patients have told us about their experiences in the large impersonal medical centers or university hospitals, we purposely designed our hospital to be small. At FHMC we use the latest medical techniques and equipment to care for you. We know that having state of the art equipment is important, but even more important is being cared for individually, just as if you were our family. At FHMC you and your family will feel the warmth and care that our dedicated caregivers provide everyone we serve. This is the Forest Health difference.