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Our Philosophy

At Forest Health Medical Center, we do not strive to be the biggest, our goal is to be the best. That means we only specialize in the things we can deliver the best. For example, we choose not to provide a birthing center, cancer treatment, organ transplant, an Emergency Room, or trauma surgery because we focus on our specialties to give you the best possible care. We offer the major surgical specialties of orthopedics, neurosurgery, ENT, urology, bariatric, ophthalmic, and podiatry surgery. By focusing only on what we do best, you can be assured that you will experience the best surgical outcomes and the most excellent care possible.

During our 26 years of experience providing specialty surgical services we have listened and learned what our patients need and want. Over that time we have organized our staff and facilities to meet these needs.

Our patients tell us they want:

  • A smaller hospital where they can find where they need to go is important
  • Free and close parking
  • To be seen at the time of their appointment, not wait for hours
  • To see and be cared for by their surgeon, not a doctor in training
  • Skilled nurses who are happy to care for their needs
  • To feel welcome and treated as an individual not a number
  • To be treated as family

At FHMC our surgeons are specialists dedicated to providing the best surgical care possible. Because all of our doctors are specialists you can be confident in the knowledge that they have additional training and skill in the field they specialize in, and more experience because they only have one specialty. They do not split their time as teachers of surgery. Instead, our surgeons are dedicated to providing hands-on care for you.