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Forest Health Medical Center – MI

Standard Charges*

In accordance with CMS requirements (effective January 1, 2019), Forest Health Medical Center of Michigan Standard charges are being published. Please note that these charges do not reflect a Hospital bill or represent your estimated out of pocket expenses.
Based on your insurance coverage, you may be responsible for your deductible, copay, coinsurance and any non-covered services. This amount cannot be calculated from a list of standard charges.
  • Standard charges do not include professional and anesthesia provider services, which are billed separately.
  • Supply charges vary by manufacturer, materials, size, units, and current cost.
  • Pharmacy (Medication) charges vary by manufacturer, units, dose, strength and current cost.
  • Operating Room (OR Surgery) charges are based on time spent in the OR and the surgical level assigned to the procedure. These fees cover OR staff, set-up/clean-up, instrument trays, and equipment.
*Charges are subject to change based on acquisition costs for medications, supplies, and equipment.